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Turn, traitor untrew

By grete God, thou shall die

1 May
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Fandom: Arthurian Legend, mostly Welsh tradition, Malory, and T.H White. Characterisation also somewhat influenced by the Alliterative Morte Arthure.

Media: Myth/Literature

Played by pincerna

Physical description: Mordred is fairly short, and while not extremely skinny, he's not thickset, either. So really, he's just little. His hair is medium brown, but combined with his darker eyes and general Scowl he gives the impression of looking darker than he is. He dresses simply and comfortably, but well enough to befit his social position.

Personality: Mordred prefers to keep to himself when possible, but he's not shy, and has a sharp enough tongue when he decides to use it. None of the honour or principle Arthur espoused ever made its way into Mordred's head (save perhaps for loyalty); he has no qualms fighting dishonourably, lying, or generally being an asshole for his own or for the benefit of those he loves. He doesn't form close relationships very easily, but when he does, he's loyal to a fault, and finds disloyalty in return extremely confusing. Mordred isn't quick to lose his temper; he has a generally calm demeanour, appears to take most things in his stride, but he holds a grudge against those who upset or hurt him or those he cares about, and he'll act on it. He doesn't lash out - all his revenges are carefully considered beforehand, however much that consideration is blinded by emotion.

Short biography: Mordred is the illegitimate son of King Arthur and the king's sister, Morgause, conceived for his mother and her sisters' purposes. When he was a baby, his father attempted to kill him by having him cast into the sea. For whatever reason, he survived, and was raised in Orkney, along with four half-brothers. When he was old enough, he followed his brothers to Arthur's court, and became a member of Arthur's warriors by virtue of his birth more than anything. Some years after Mordred came to Arthur's court, he discovered Lancelot and Guinevere's affair, and banded together with Agravain to expose it. In the course of this, Agravain was killed, and Lancelot escaped. Two more of Mordred's brothers died trying to stop Lancelot from rescuing Guinevere from being burned to death. Arthur reluctantly lead an invasion of Brittany, where Lancelot had fled. Mordred, left to rule Britain until Arthur returned, and being furious at everyone in general for a plethora of reasons, declared himself High-King. Upon Arthur's return, they met in battle at Camlann. Both were killed, and Britain fell to Saxon invaders.

In-game canon: ~TBA
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